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It keeps you busy when you have nothing to do:

Most of the time you set doing nothing for hours. Writing your books help with filling the empty long hours with writings about something you really enjoy or might enjoy.


It satisfies your love to a certain subject:

Your entire life was spent having interest on different subjects. Some of them you enjoy reading, watching or hear as tales told. You made a career of one or two. If you start writing about subjects of your interest it will satisfy that need.


It helps with organizing your thoughts in a very clear way:

You have a lot of thoughts randomly roaming your mind about life in general, personal or world public inspirational thoughts that might be real or fake based thoughts. You should write them down as an inspiration for entertainment.


It helps make sense of your analytic side:

You have an eye like everybody on this earth and so most of the time you analyze things to explain them to yourself through talking and taking notes about historical past events, present time happenings and sometimes the presumed future. You should start writing those analytic ideas in a very creative way to not forget about how they were helpful.


If you are a talkative person:

Being talkative doesn’t necessary means to be a public speaker sometimes it means you being smart talking things that are normal. You should always write them down in your books to keep them as a recourse for a future reader or most importantly yourself.


It solves problems:

The world has problems including humans related or inhumans. It’s better to think that you considered some of them to give them justice in your books sharing solutions of the ones you know about even if it’s just philosophical.


It makes you write better:

Your mind is occupied by different things. It is best if the writing you write isn’t about them as much as it takes professionalism to alter life to writing advantages. It is best to clear your list of things or simply take a break to know what to do with everything in hand later.


It makes revising better:

Writing will take a long time. To know if the book is good to go, you need to revise it and what’s better than to read it pretending to be a new reader to its content. The best way to do that is to take a longer break than the usual for your book to feel like a new book.


It makes you publish better:

When you take a break before you publish; you map randomly what needs to be done before publishing, most of the times, you will take notes to apply them when you finally decide to go with publishing.

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