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Things I learned writing my 1st book.


Starting up surly you know what you are writing about so make it informative enough to tell the main reason why you wrote it in your own creative way knowing that you will be effected by others thoughts and interferences.


Choosing book title:

My entire life I was fascinated by human body parts names. Most of them was difficult for me to understand and pronounce. I decided to choose something from my life growing up interest that I always seemed to be eager to learn and understand. I used it as an advantage to make a whole idea based on human body parts. Eventually real life events led to book events and those led to Heart which started The Body Books Series.


Thinking cover design

With Heart you might look at the book cover and its title you’d think I designed the cover based on its title but I didn’t. There is a specific happening in the book where things completely change; a peak that makes people want to know what’s going to happen next I took that and made a cover out of the peak moment of the book. If you have the book figured you’ll know the book peak if you don’t you’ll find it out by the time the book will tell you while having a development conversation with you.


Adding quotes

I added quotes because sometimes people read for fun they don’t figure the lesson of the entire book from the first time they read it specially that it hides in its pages more than one lesson. A quote will help give a meaningful advice or a lesson directly to the readers which will make them feel the realism behind writing the book. In my case it was a fictional book so this did me a lot of justice.


Naming main characters

Growing up I always wondered what names will I name the characters in my book and to be honest most of the main characters have names I decided on long time ago, some of them I altered letters others I changed completely. Yes some names you will come by as needed but they won’t be as dear as the original names you picked making up your imaginary mapping book. A good way to find unique names is to search online through names data base I personally choose from ancient names lists. Lastly, some characters names I just make up randomly from letters I think calling will sound new and cool. Notice that I treat all my characters as main because you don’t know when are you going to need them next specially that they might play a huge part later.


Choosing chapters names

Naming book chapters was easy. All you have to do is decide on what is the main thing the chapter is trying to say and say it in one short sentence or two like in my case. Using this method you can name the chapters before you even write them just using notes you mapped or by just writing a small piece of them. It helps to remind yourself to stay in the lane of that title and organize the book events in well organized method. Of course you can always go back to change a word or entirely because it’s up to you.


Writing chapters

Writing chapters don’t come from nothing because you already set your mind on how things should go in each one of them. However as you start on writing you don’t necessary have all the details. My advice think of it as if you are watching your characters in a movie prospective or a tv show. What do you think your characters should do next based on your creativity; write and revise to make sure it makes sense with all the given events.


Writing randomly based on emotions & intelligence:

One of my favorite technics is when I suddenly get an idea I open a new note page on my phone save it in my book folder and starts writing emotional scenes between exciting characters. Sometimes I know who they are and what they are having conversation about other times the conversation includes new characters who helps you to make sense of what is happening.


Adding side missions:

All characters are important but some characters aren’t given the justice they deserve. As a result your main characters should sometimes take a detour to that character to make sure we know more about their hidden worlds and capabilities. I like to call them exploration side missions because they belong to someone who is there but not yet known about in details. Go to them with them, without them or without you to know about them using creative informative techniques.


Deciding who is good:

How do we decide who is good? We don’t that’s what I learned writing my book and sometimes the good characters tend to do bad things does that make them bad? No it doesn’t. It’s better to make all the characters in the book good in someone’s eyes. That gives them a solid excuse to their actions. Aren’t we all good in someone’s eyes? Basically everyone in your book is good to their cause.


Deciding Who is Bad:

When you are bad in real life why is it? I will tell it from human perspective; I’m bad because I take all the conversation and actions related to cultural and traditional laws of life and I don’t obey them. It’s not that I’m actually hated for breaking the legal written law. The bad characters come to life because of the struggle from being pointed at as abomination for disobeying the legal terms of conversation and actions related to cultural and traditional laws which eventually lead to well each book has its own villain or villains.


How to start the book:

It depends on you. It will always depend on you the way you start. When you decide on writing a book sometimes you are excited and start immediately writing down based on your excitement feelings. Other times you start after mapping down ideas of the entire book so you get stuck in how you should start. It’s fine because you can always start with silly unimportant normal event only to come back later to make it better.


How to finish the book:

In my case I decided long time ago that I want to write more books in the same series. With that on my mind I wanted to write an ending that gave my characters a chance to move on to the second book with giving the reader who is you the chance to move with the characters without being confused and catching up with the time line as easy as possible without forgetting major events.


How to not get effected by randomity:

One of the most difficult and repeating problem that I faced is whether you like it or not you will have to take a break meaning more interaction with the world around you mostly other people’s creativity. If you want to stay on your creativity mind set take yourself back to your memory lane and those thoughts and ideas most of them belongs to you specially the privet part of it. Things like your interests, behavior of people you met, lessons you learned and the privacy of your home that no one should know about is you. Use this method to take you back to you.


Using the world for your advantage:

A lot of things happen in the world. Always remember that the world update itself by the second. Meaning; each second or less than a second a new idea is generated in the world we live in so use it as your inspiration to a better timed new idea but bear in mind that I will make it mine creatively not by stealing someone else’s work.

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