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Things I learned writing my 2nd book.

Generally: If your book is a part of a series always read the previous books again to check if they are consistent.


Explaining the unexplained: For my first book in the series, I had a lot of questions unanswered and so I tried to answer them in the second book with details to explain the stories I decided to explore. From there, I wrote about new beginnings with new characters and planets that again gave me different paths to choose from allowing continues tales.


Be inspired by present time: As much as you will try to avoid the truth the real world your book is based from is the one you are living in. Write notes and take pictures when you are in public places to turn them into the next place with your creativity to where a character in your book might visit sometimes.


Worlds creation: I already have new existing worlds but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. It is never enough to explore new worlds but in a very organized way. Take your existing worlds and connect them with new ones to keep the book interesting and exciting staring it away from being boring.


Adding new characters: The same goes to your characters more characters diversity is the best for your book to be interesting supporting the main characters to grow. Bear in mind that adding characters It’s basically based on intelligence or luck either they grow with your book or not.


Explaining about what’s already mentioned: You can always communicate with your audience before communicating with your audience through flipping you from being the writer to a reader and if you ask yourself a question such as “Do I know what that means?” If your answer is no. Then when you are back as a writer make sure that the answer is yes.

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